Triet gets all the boys


MajesticViet enjoys keeping his members quiet

Some banners i made


Feel free to use them anywhere you want.




To Dremithcross

If you cant find the source of someones guide then don’t post it until you can find who it was and ask for their permission. The guide was made by my friend who put it in his stream bio for users to use. http://www.twitch.tv/essentiate


Training guide for the latest patch!
Dunno who made it, so I can’t credit them.

This guide was stolen from http://www.twitch.tv/essentiate Either give him credit or I will report you.

Floating shop o.o

Helping Nikki with a Giant potion

I don’t even know what this hacker is doing o.o

Cubed my xenon’s heart, got some good lines on unique.

I found a neb box, they do exist D:

I got put in jail :c

I got trolled with the attendance cube!

got 200 and 201 on bishop in bera =)

Kenny claims all single men in bera.


Transformation Tuesday - Not Much Has Changed…

Nichy so cute >~<